They say, if you can't keep your dog out of the pool, their ears curl.. lol!!

Murphy and Georgia puppies.

Nina, Rita, and Lola

The "Bird chase" was at prado with C-ya and Liza

"shooting lessons with Ray Brown and the "girls"



Sadie ( Lola X Nat) and Sammy (Nora X Nat)  3 years old and 2 months old...
How cute is this!


BELOW......"how NOT to run a Senior hunt test!"
They do keep us humble! 

(Lauren and Willa)
Senior Hunt Test / April 2008

(Lauren and Lola)
Master Hunter qualifier
High Scoring Champion of Record in Obedience
both trials out of Open B  (4th place both days)
198/196 in Rally Novice
2nd Hunting Bitch

Rita, Willa and Nora